Theresa Mieslinger

Abteilung Klimaphysik
Gruppe Beobachtung tropischer Wolken
Position Postdoc
Telefon +49 40 41173-404
Raum B 403

Research Interest

I am a cloud enthusiast and love to spend my time visualizing and thinking about the many facets inherent to tropical clouds. During my PhD I was mostly fascinated by the rich details of small and optically thin cumulus clouds in the trades and studied their relation to their environment als well as their ubiquity over tropical oceans from space. More recently, I am diving into the deeper convection associated with convergence lines that might play a role in the slightly chaotic nature of the western Atlantik ITCZ. Below you can read up on some personal highlight from the last years.

Cloudiness in the trades

When analysing the cloudiness in the trades one can quickly notice that the range of cloud cover estimates from active and passive remote sensing can differ by a factor of 2 even for co-located high resolution data (Konow et al., 2021). In a study in 2021, I apply a new approach for defining the clouds from a clear-sky perspective and find that large areas of the trades are covered by optically thin clouds which add about 33% to the total cloud cover. -> Read more here

Making data access and analysis easy

The How To EUREC4A executable book project is a nice example for open science and a first step forward in making observational campaign data openly accessible and easy to analyse. It lives from versatile contributions of many dataset creators and campaign participants that combine their knowledge on instrument specifications as well as the technical knowledge for building a distributed data system as backbone to any data analysis. The book itself ist best described as a huge playground for scientists at all career levels to dive into and play with the data. Join us and have fun :)

Education and training

09 / 2023 - ongoing        Postdoctoral Researcher
                                           Tropical Cloud Observation group, MPI-M

09 / 2022 - 08 / 2023      Scientific coordination of the WarmWorld project

10 / 2021 - 08 / 2022      Scientific coordination of the nextGEMS project

03 / 2018 - 09 / 2021      PhD candidate
                                           Radiation and Remote Sensing group, Meteorological Institute, Universität Hamburg
                                           Thesis: Small and optically thin clouds in the trades