Earth System Modeling and Predictions

Climate predictions (here spanning the time range from seasons to 10 years ahead) can provide reliable forecast skill and therefor valuable climate information for many stakeholders. Climate forecasts meanwhile are routinely operated, e.g. by Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) for seasonal and decadal time-scales and are further disseminated via high-level data storage systems (e.g. Copernicus), and thus made available for a wide range of applications. Seasonal to decadal climate predictions pursued by DWD base on the Earth System models by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, currently on a predecessor of the ICON model, the Max-Planck Institute Earth System model (MPI-ESM), which no longer will be supported (Müller et al., 2018). The ICON environment is the natural successor of MPI-ESM, and as such envisaged to set the frame for the next generation of the operational climate prediction system at DWD. 
The mission of our research group is the development of the ICON-based Earth system model for climate prediction application. This encompasses (i) a joint modeling initiative by the DWD and our institute to develop a unifying model for numerical weather forecasts and climate predictions (hereafter ICON-Seamless), and own research targeting (ii) decadal climate predictions and (ii) more specifically the internal variability and prediction of European summer climate and heat extremes.

ICON-Seamless: Towards a unified model for both numerical weather forecasts and climate predictions

ICON-Seamless builds upon the ICON model components of numerical weather prediction (ICON-NWP) by DWD, the ICON ocean model (ICON-O) by our institute and the aerosol tracer model ICON-ART by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). In addition, the configuration includes the land component ICON-L and the DWD data assimilation system BACY, all adjusted to an Earth system model for pursuing scientific questions and operational forecasting.

Four major branches result in new developments of ICON Seamless:

  1. the incorporation of a suitable land component for weather and climate purposes into ICON-NWP
  2. the design of ICON-NWP for climate experiments
  3. the coupling of all components into an Earth system model including ICON-O and ICON-ART, and
  4. the design of getting initial conditions for weather and climate predictions in a common assimilation infrastructure.

Our group is involved in setting up and evaluating a fully coupled Earth system configuration and the design of a new land component within.

Decadal Climate Predictions

A global decadal climate prediction system has been developed by the predecessor of our group (“decadal climate prediction — MiKlip”, Marotzke et al, 2016, Hettrich et al 2021), which is now the basis for routinely produced forecasts. Further scientific research and development, however, is required to achieve and enhance a competitive next generation of global prediction system, which naturally will be based on the state-of-the-art ICON environment. This research to operation is currently shared by a consortium of DWD, Universität Hamburg and our institute, complemented with further research on regional modeling and prediction (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and post-processing (Freie Universität Berlin). In our group, we provide the modeling basis for such a prediction system tailored with process studies enhancing the climate predictability. Exemplary are lsingle forcing large ensemble experiments to assess the role of forcing components for decadal variability and prediction, or the assessment of the role of the North Atlantic ocean inertia for skill assessment over Europe.

Internal Variability and Prediction of European Summer Temperatures and Heat Extremes

The observed European summer temperatures have increased by ~1.5–2 °C since the 1990s and are expected to increase further due to the global mean temperature rise. The internal variability (ranging from years to decades) of European summer temperatures, however, is large in comparison to the observed temperature rise.  It offers an opportunity for climate predictions, the attribution of extreme events and the distinguishably of their likelihood of occurrence within limit targets set by the UNFCCC Paris Agreement (Suarez-Gutierrez et al., 2018). By using large ensembles of MPI-M Earth System models, we examine the well-sampled internal variability of European summer temperatures and associated extremes (Suarez-Gutierrez et al., 2020). We further specify the sources of the variability of European summer temperatures on sub-decadal to multi-decadal time-scales and their probable prediction skill in the decadal prediction system (Ghosh et al., 2016, Borchert et al., 2019, Müller et al., 2020). The examinations of the well-sampled internal variability of temperatures and associated extremes, and its decomposition into decadal time-scales, provide significant steps towards the understanding of the full bandwidth of appearances of European summers.

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Group members and publications

Research Scientist
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Dr. Wolfgang A. Müller

Group leader
Phone: +49 (0)40 41173-370
wolfgang.mueller@we dont want

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