The Communication Team is responsible for the internal and external communication of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) and is the first contact for the public, press and media. We answer media inquiries, prepare scientific topics for the public and arrange interview partners.


Our Team

Dörte de Graaf

PR and Communication Officer
Tel.: +49 (0)40 41173-387
doerte.degraaf@we dont want

Michaela Born

Web Page | Text
Tel.: +49 (0)40 41173-154
michaela.born@we dont want

Yvonne Schrader

Communication designer
Tel.: +49 (0)40 41173-315

Bettina Diallo

Graphics / Web Page / Media Design
Tel.: +49 (0)40 41173-406

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luminous art installation against the backdrop of Stockholm at night

Wind of Barbados turned to light in Stockholm

Nobel Week Lights 2023 kicked off in Stockholm on Monday. The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) provides data from its Barbados Cloud…

Focus: The big melt | Marie-Luise Kapsch, Clemens Schannwell

Climate change is melting the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica and causing sea levels to rise. This could be a disaster for

island states and…

Sunset (blurred) with grasses in the foreground

End-of-century levels of extreme heat and drought are approaching Europe swiftly

Extreme heat and drought typical of an end-of-century climate could soon occur over Europe, and it could do so repeatedly. Laura Suarez-Gutierrez,…