Forthcoming Joint Seminars

Date Time Title Speakers Event type Place Organizers
01.12.2020 15:15–16:15 h Effect of climate modes on interannual variability of upwelling in the tropical Indian Ocean Xiaolin Zhang Joint Seminar Virtual Seminar Armin Köhl
08.12.2020 15:15–16:15 h Tbd Karl-Hermann Wieners Tech Talks Virtual Seminar Florian Ziemen
15.12.2020 15:15–16:15 h Tbd Christopher Hedemann Joint Seminar Virtual Seminar Dirk Olonscheck
12.01.2021 15:15–16:15 h Processes of Stratification and Destratification During An Extreme River Discharge Event in the German Bight ROFI Fatemeh Chegini Joint Seminar Virtual Seminar Dian Putrasahan