Successful completion of apprenticeship at the institute: Olaf Mantz-Hansen wins 2nd state prize in the field of precision mechanics.

Olaf Mantz-Hansen has successfully completed the 2023 journeyman’s examination as a precision mechanic, specializing in the field of high-precision mechanics, coming 2nd in Hamburg.

The now former apprentice of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) needs a truly fine hand for his tasks as a high-precision mechanic. Olaf Mantz-Hansen was able to use and perfect his affinity for precision during his 3.5-year apprenticeship at the MPI-M workshop.

Technical and scientific understanding are prerequisites for this profession — interests that have only developed further for Olaf Mantz-Hansen, partly as a result of the exchange with the scientists. Mr. Mantz-Hansen has manufactured individual parts from various metals on lathes and milling machines for the MPI-M, has assembled modules and also repaired them, and has operated various CNC machines. The workshop is a joint facility of the MPI-M and the University of Hamburg, which entails a wide variety of activities that Mr. Mantz-Hansen has greatly appreciated. Thus, he was not only able to work on the containers for the cloud observatory of the MPI-M in Barbados, which are being customized and repaired, but also to maintain the radar dome on the roof of the Geomatikum building, to build models for the wind tunnel, to help prepare ship trips for the Institute of Geophysics and to experience a variety of further exciting projects.


Olaf Mantz-Hansen’s journeyman piece is an elbow press which can press metals into shape as well as punch them. Thus, the conventional skills of milling, turning and drilling were demonstrated, which earned him one of the top places in the journeyman’s examination.

The whole institute congratulates him on this success. We wish him further exciting tasks for the future, which he currently finds in a company for drive systems, before expanding his expertise in the form of the technician training in machine technology in the coming year.

Already in the past years, 4 of our workshop trainees have reached top places in journeyman’s exams. The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology offers annually apprenticeships for precision mechanics and office clerks.
Furthermore, the workshop offers internships for pupils and basic internships for various study programs.

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