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EUREC4A—an international field study to test hypothesized cloud controlling factors influencing weather and climate

From 20 January through 20 February 2020, the EUREC4A (Elucidating the role of clouds-circulation coupling in climate) field study investigated trade…

How Cloudy Is the Earth?

Prof. Bjorn Stevens im Interview

Hamburg Max Planck Institutes

Image film of the Hamburg Senate on the Max Planck Day on the 3 Hamburg Max Planck Institutes (only in German).

World Climate Conference 2017: These are the major challenges

Dr. Dirk Notz, from the department "The Ocean in the Earth System", talks about the world climate conference in Bonn. The interview focuses on…

When Will Arctic Sea Ice Be Gone?

Dr. Dirk Notz, from the department „The Ocean in the Earth System“, talks about the ice in the Antarctic and how it will disappear. First, he…

To what extent do aerosol particles in the atmosphere mask the effects of greenhouse gases?

Prof Bjorn Stevens is Director in the department “The Atmosphere in the Earth system” and speaks about his research and the question: To what extent…

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