Claudia Timmreck

Department Climate Physics
Group Stratospheric Forcing and Climate
Position Group Leader
phone +49 40 41173-384
Room B 407


My scientific interests can essentially be summarised under the keyword "climate influence of volcanoes".  Since my doctorate in the 1990s, in which I worked on the formation and development of stratospheric aerosol after the Pinatubo eruption, I have been fascinated by the effects of large volcanic eruptions on the atmosphere and the climate. In the early years my focus was on the modelling of microphysical processes and radiative forcing, and later I added the effects of large volcanic eruptions on various compartments of the Earth system. It is important to me to understand the different pathways from volcanic emission to radiative forcing and from radiative forcing to climate response in order to better assess the impact of future volcanic eruptions on the tropical hydroclimate Furthermore, I am interested in the extent to which past climate changes can be traced back to historical volcanic eruptions



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