Cathy Hohenegger

Department Climate Physics
Group Climate Surface Interaction
Position Group Leader
phone +49 40 41173-302
Room B 411


Research interests


My research focuses on precipitating convection. One question that particularly interests me is the role that the surface, being the ocean or the land, plays in setting basic features of the climatological precipitation distribution. Given my interests, being able to represent  convection explicitly and the surface dynamically is of crucial importance. This explains my strong involvement in the use and development of coupled km-scale Earth System Models. Besides, I like using more simple, idealized approaches, like the radiative convective equilibrium (RCE) conceptualization or box models to study problems of climate related to the coupling between convection and the underlying surface. Recently, I have been involved in the design of field experiments with the aim to sample the near-surface air properties at kilometer-scale resolution.