KlimaCampus Kolloquium: The role of the terrestrial biosphere in the Earth System and for achieving Paris climate targets

In this presentation I will first give a broad overview of the role of the terrestrial ecosystems in the contemporary global carbon cycle, and ecosystems mitigate climate change already today. A key question relates to the efficiency of land ecosystems to sequester CO2 and how it will change in the near-term future, e.g. can it help us achieve the Paris agreement to avoid dangerous climate change. To begin to answer this question we first need to understand processes and regional attribution of the contemporary land carbon sink, e.g. the relative contribution of changing atmospheric composition, climate and land-use change to the land sink dynamics. I will draw upon research conducted using the TRENDY ensemble of land models which supports the annual Global Carbon Budget. I will highlight recent work in boreal and tropical forests and dryland ecosystems, and the role of cascading effects of deforestation on the land sink. Finally, I present work on how land-use emissions play a critical role in land-based mitigation for Paris climate targets.




15:15 h


Bundesstr. 53, room 022/023
Seminar Room 022/023, Ground Floor, Bundesstrasse 53, 20146 Hamburg, Hamburg


Victor Brovkin

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