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S_36 Climate Dynamics
S_37 Statistical Tools in Climate Research:Spectral Analysis
S_38 Statistical Tools in Climate Research: Hypothesis Testing
S_39 Generic Aacademic Skills
S_41 Advanced Scientific Writing
S_43 NCL Workshop
S_61 SoftSkills for Science
S_87 Project and Time Management for Scientists
S_62 The Middle Atmosphere
S_63 Introduction to Turbulence
S_71 Urban Areas and Global Change
S_72 Introduction to ICON
S_73 Parameterizing Moist Processes in Atmospheric Models
S_74 Scientific Programming Workshop
S_76 ClimateScience Policy Interface
S_77 Exploring Job Opportunities on the Non-Academic Job Market
S_78 Workshop “Goodbye Academia”
S_79 Scientific Journalism and Media Outreach
S_80 Career Building
S_86 Marketing for Scientists
S_87 Project and Time Management for Scientists
S_89 Good Scientific Practice
E_103 Python for Earth System Sciences - a hands-on course
E_122 Tropical Circulation Systems
E_162 Introduction to Python
E_169 Land Processes and Carbon Feedbacks in the Earth System Models
E_179 Land-atmosphere interactions

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