Reinhard Budich

Department Climate Variability
Group Director's Research Group (CVR)
Position Group Leader
phone +49 40 41173-369
Room B 321

Strategic IT Partnerships


Being responsible for the strategic IT1-partnerships of MPI-M, I see it as my role to deal with strategic aspects of IT@MPI-M, especially in the context of software development and high performance computing aspects:

These are linked to external partners, since the major thrust of the institute I consider to be science (where it is rather independent), and not technology (where it needs partners). At the same time, (Information) technology is an indispensable part of the methods and tools of the institute.
As such, I assist the directorate in strategic IT issues. I take care of the institutes relationships to the German Climate Computing Centre DKRZ and the German Weather Service DWD . Funding for some of the institutes activities in the area of infrastructure software development stems from the European Commission and/or BMBF, currently the ACROSS, DESTINE, WARMWORLD projects.
Last but not least I feel responsible for the preparation of licenses and contracts in this context. Recently, the MPI-M has adopted an open source policy regarding software development at the institute, please contact me for further details. The Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and the corresponding Software Policy (SWP) can be downloaded by clicking on them.
In an earlier life, I also was master user of the atmosphere department: Please turn to in case you have questions regarding these matters.


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