Mateo Duque

Department Climate Dynamics
Group Climate-Biosphere Interactions
Position Scientist
phone +49 40 41173-458
Room B 316


I am a doctoral candidate studying climate-land surface interactions on long timescales. My research focuses mainly on understanding African humid periods across glacial cycles. Part of my work involves use of climate models of different levels of complexity to simulate such ancient climates of the Earth system.

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Martin Claußen (MPI-M/UHH), Prof. Dr. Victor Brovkin (MPI-M), & Dr. Thomas Kleinen (MPI-M). 


since 2020 Doctorate at Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (Hamburg, Germany)
2016–2018 M. Sc. Environmental Engineering at Universidad de Antioquia (Medellín, Colombia)
2010–2015 B. Sc. Biological Engineering at Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellín (Medellín, Colombia)


Peer-reviewed research articles

  • Duque-Villegas, M., Claussen, M., Brovkin, V. & Kleinen, T. (2022). Effects of orbital forcing, greenhouse gases and ice sheets on Saharan greening in past and future multi-millennia. Climate of the Past, 18, 1897-1914. doi:10.5194/cp-18-1897-2022
  • Duque-Villegas, M., Salazar, J. F. & Rendón, A. M. (2019). Tipping the ENSO into a permanent El Niño can trigger state transitions in global terrestrial ecosystems. Earth System Dynamics, 10, 631-650. doi:10.5194/esd-10-631-2019
  • Duque-Villegas, M., Marín Montoya, M. & Gutiérrez, P. A. (2017). Genome comparison and primer design for detection of Tamarillo leaf malformation virus (TaLMV). Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 50, 713-726. doi:10.1080/03235408.2017.1370934