Katharina Six

Department Climate Variability
Group Ocean Physics
Position Research Scientist
phone +49 40 41173-163
Email katharina.six@mpimet.mpg.de
Room B 226



Research interest

Initially trained as a physical oceanographer, I have been involved in modelling the cycles of marine biogeochemistry for decades. The role of marine biology in carbon storage was as much a part of my research as the future evolution of planktonic sulphur emissions, whose decrease due to the ongoing ocean acidification may play a significant contribution to anthropogenic warming.

My current research focus is on the biogeochemistry of the Mediterranean during the last deglaciation. Comprehensive sediment archives show strong variations in sedimentation processes of planktonic and benthic organisms. In particular, during the early Holocene (6000-10 000 years before present), deposits of organic rich layers, so-called sapropels, are found in regions of the Mediterranean Sea that are now characterised by extremely low biological activity. Based on the group's paleo simulations with the global MPI-ESM and a regional model of the Mediterranean Sea, I investigate the different physical and biogeochemical driving forces that have led to the observed sediment variations.


Under review:

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Curriculum vitae

since August 2002 research scientist at MPI for Meteorology (part time)

1997 - 2002 parental leave



1996-1997 Institute of Oceanography, University of Hamburg 

1993-1996 MPI for Meteorology, Hamburg 



1993 in physical oceanography at the University of Hamburg


ORCID : 0000-0002-4594-2793 , SCOPUS : 6602543142