Jin-Song von Storch


Senior scientist, Professor at University of Hamburg



Email: jin-song.von.storch@we dont want spammpimet.mpg.de

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Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

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The Ocean in the Earth System


Research Group

              Ocean Statistics

Research Interests

The atmosphere and the ocean reveal not only vigorous time-mean circulations on planetary and basin-wide scales but also smaller-scale variations related to storms, convective events, meso-scale and sub-mesoscale eddies and internal waves. One of the main characteristics of these geophysical fluids  is hence the coexistence of motions on a vast range of scales and the resulting lack of any spatial or temporal spectral gaps. How do motions on various scales interact with each other? More importantly, how do small-scale motions, which are numerous, ubiquitous, and often energetic, affect the behavior of large-scale circulations and the responses of large-scale circulations to changes in external forcing factors? My recent research investigates these questions following various routes listed below:

  • Climate response problem with focus on energetics responses to changes in GHG forcing (How do the atmospheric energetics, e.g. in form of  Lorenz energy cycle, change in a warming climate?) 
  • Application of concepts of statistical mechanics to climate problems (Applying fluctuation-dissipation thoery to investigate the extent to which subgrid-scale fluctuations alter the climate response in a warming world)
  • High-resolution climate modeling with the goal to examine the extent to which the response of large-scale circulations, such as the Atlantic Overturning Circulation, is altered by resolving energetic small-scale components, such as oceanic mesoscale eddies (within the national consortium project STORM and the EU H2020 project PRIMAVERA)
  • Ocean energetics (oceanic Lorenz cycle, the role of internal waves for ocean energetics within DFG Collaborative Research Center TRR181)
  • Decadal climate predictability (within MikLIP and EU project THOR)
  • Resolved and parametrized meso-scale eddies in OGCMs
  • DFG-Project (STO377/2-2): "Die Atmosphäre und ihr Drehimpuls", 2001-2003
  • SFB 512 A3: "Entwicklung eines empirical atmosphärischen Modells zur Untersuchung der niederfrequenten ozeanischen Variabilität", 2001-2003
  • SFB 512 D2: '' Variabilität in Ozean und Meereis", 2004-2005
  • SFB 512: 'Vorhersagbarkeit in Ozean und Meereis', 2007-2009
  • STORM: Consortium project 'High-resolution community climate change simulations (https://verc.enes.org/community/projects/national-projects/german-projects/storm/), 2009-2014
  • CliSAP project: 'Stochastic parameterizations in atmosphere and ocean models and their implications for climate prediction', PI, 09.2009-01.2012
  • EU-project THOR 'Thermohaline Overturning - at Risk?', WP 'Coordinated multi-model ensemble experiments to assess the predictability of the THC', 2009-2011
  • CLISAP II, Research Area A 'Climate variability and predictability', 2012-10.2017
  • MiKlip project 'Atmospheric and Oceanic Data Assimilation Plus ENsemble Generation' (AODA-PENG), 2013-2014
  • EU-project PRIMAVERA 'PRocess based climate sIMulation:AdVance in high-resolution modelling and European climate Risk Assessment', PI, November 2015 -
  • TRR 181, L2: 'The interior energy pathway: internal wave emission by quasi-balanced flows'
  • TRR 181, W2: 'Energy transfer through low-mode internal waves'

Refereed Journals

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Book Contributions


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Other Publications

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Other Responsibilities

Editor of Ocean Dynamics, since 2002

PI of the Cluster of Excellence CliSAP (Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction) of University Hamburg, since 2009

Editorial board of Oxford Research Encyclopedia, Climate Science, since 2015


Courses taught

  • Übung zur Theoretischen Meteorologie I 
  • Übung zur Theoretischen Meteorologie II 
  • Stochastic climate models (lecture given as visiting professor at University of Utrecht)
  • Statistische dynamische lineare Methode zur Beschreibung atmosphärischer Variabilität 
  • Diplomanden-/Doktorandinnenseminar (Seminar for graduate students):
    I. Möglichkeiten und Grenzen statistischer Verfahren
    II. Die Rolle von Modellen im Erkenntnisprozess 
    III. Wechselspiel zwischen realitätsnahen und idealisierten Modellen 
  • Physik des Klimas
  • Statistik
  • Statistical tools in modeling (for IMPRS graduate students)
  • Instroduction to statistical analysis (course given at SMHI)

She is married to Hans von Storch