Hernan Campos

Department Climate Physics IMPRS
Group IMPRS doctoral candidate Drivers of Tropical Circulation
Position Phd Candidate
phone +49 40 41173-183
Email hernan.campos@mpimet.mpg.de
Room B 412

My Research

How will clouds behave in a warming world and how will this change feed back to the warming process? This question has occupied scientists for many years. It is especially hard to answer for the smallest clouds, shallow cumulus, as they need high resolutions to be properly represented in climate models. In my PhD project I try to leverage the capabilities of ICON-LES to look at the behaviour of these clouds under global warming conditions in sub-kilometer resolution. I work with Bjorn Stevens and Ann Kristin Naumann in the group Drivers of Tropical Convection (DTC).

Curriculum Vitae

2021–present: PhD student, IMPRS-ESM, MPI Meteorology, Tropical low cloud feedbacks in global storm resolving models

2017 - 2021: M.Sc. Geoscience, Heidelberg University, Vegetation dynamics and climate variability in SE Africa during the late Pliocene and early Pleistocene based on palynological analysis of IODPSite U1478 (Mozambique Channel)

2014 - 2021: B.Sc. Geoscience, Hamburg University, Recovery dynamics of deep-sea benthic ecosystems in the eastern Mediterranean Sea after the Eemian sapropel S5