Atmosphere in the Earth System


Research Group

Tropical Cloud Observations 


Research Interests

I am interested in studying the interaction of tropical clouds with their large-scale environment, especially in terms of the dynamics. My primary tools in this investigation are measurements made during field campaigns such as EUREC4A and NARVAL2

I describe the trade-wind meso-scale environments using measurements mainly from dropsondes, and quantify cloudiness via different measures using remote-sensing instruments on board the HALO aircraft and at the Barbados Cloud Observatory. At the core of describing the environment lies the estimation of kinematic factors such as divergence, vorticity and vertical velocity. The characterisation of the environment and cloudiness from colocated measurements provides an opportunity to understand the interplay between clouds and their immediate environment at short time-scales. 




Telephone            +49 404 11 73 404
Office                    Room 403, Bundesstraße 53 

Mailing Address   Max Planck Institute for Meteorology,
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