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Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
Bundesstrasse 53
20146 Hamburg, Germany


  The Ocean in the Earth System

Research Group

  Ocean Biogeochemistry Group


Research Interest

Currently I am interested in understanding how ocean biogeochemical processes controlled the ocean carbon sink and thereby the atmospheric CO2 during the last glacial cycle. I use the comprehensive Max Planck Institute’s Earth System Model to quantify the feedbacks between ocean biogeochemistry and climate in the past. 


Curriculum Vitae

Since 2017.05: Postdoc in ocean biogeochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany. Research project: PalMod.

2012.10 - 2017.04: PhD candidate in coastal and shelf sea dynamics, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Supervisor: Prof. dr. Huib E. de Swart. Thesis: Modelling phytoplankton dynamics in estuaries. 

2012.01 - 2012.06: Research assistant, Tianjin University, China. PI: Prof. Jianhua Tao etc., project: Pollutant control on typical artificial coast. 

2009.09 - 2011.12: Master in Fluid Mechanics, Tianjin University, China. Supervisor: Prof. dr. Dekui Yuan. Thesis: Modelling coastal environment using random walk method and its application in Bohai Bay. 

2005.09 - 2009.07: Bachelor in Engineering Mechanics, Tianjin University, China. Thesis: Mathematical model of heavy metal transport in multilayered sediment and its analytical solutions.


Peer-reviewed Publications

Liu, B., de Swart, H. E. and de Jonge, V. N, 2018. Phytoplankton bloom dynamics in turbid, well-mixed estuaries: a model study. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 211, 137-151. 

Liu, B. and de Swart, H. E, 2017. Quantifying the effect of salinity stratification on phytoplankton density patterns in estuaries. Estuaries and Coasts 41, 453-470.

Liu, B. and de Swart, H. E., 2015. Impact of river discharge on phytoplankton bloom dynamics in eutrophic estuaries: A model study. Journal of Marine Systems 152, 64-74.

Lv, X., Liu, B., Yuan, D., Feng, H. and Teo, F. Y., 2015. Random walk method for modelling water exchange: An application to coastal zone environmental man- agement. Journal of Hydro-Environment Research. Journal of Hydro-environment Research 13, 66-75.