Joint Seminar: Interface Seminar

You will hear from three speakers from the three departments, introducing the core motivational ideas behind their research. The speakers will have ten minutes to introduce their topic and ongoing projects. Following this, we invite you to join small group discussions with the speaker of you choice to delve deeper into their work. This will be an oppotunity for both you and the speakers to discover ideas, techniques and perspectives from each other’s fields. The Interface Seminar usually fills the Tuesday joint seminar time slot during the last week of every month.

Lara Wallberg: Improved Prediction Skill of Extremely Warm European Summers

We link sub-decadal North Atlantic ocean heat accumulation to the occurrence of extremely warm European summers within a decadal prediction system. Based on this we introduce a novel approach for reducing the ensemble size which increases the prediction skill of extremely warm European summers.

Constanze Reinken: Stochastic Modelling of Changes in Thermokarst Lake Distributions

Thermokarst lakes are highly dynamic surface waterbodies that are abundant in ice-rich Arctic permafrost regions and impact carbon, water and energy fluxes between land surface and atmosphere. In order to contribute to better estimates of future permafrost landscape developments and permafrost-climate feedbacks, we create a stochastic model to simulate changes of thermokarst lake distributions as a response to a warming climate.

Hans Segura: A mystery called The Tropical Rainbelt

My current research focuses on understanding the role of different surface conditions on the tropical rainbelt using a km-scale Earth-system model. Two questions summarize my work. The representation of the terrestrial tropical rainbelt is robust against model configuration, but why? and why the oceanic tropical rainbelt is so sensitive to model changes?




15:15–16:45 h


Bundesstr. 53, room 022/023
Seminar Room 022/023, Ground Floor, Bundesstrasse 53, 20146 Hamburg, Hamburg


Moritz Günther
Antoine Leblond
Fraser Goldsworth

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