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Titel Sprecher Datum Chair Dateien
Extra-tropical cyclones in a warmer climate Lennart Bengtsson 30.04.2008
Spectral Element and Discontinuous Galerkin Solution of the Euler Equations for Atmospheric Flows Marco Restelli 04.06.2008
Sensitivity of simulated climate due to nonconservation of momentum in gravity wave drag parameterization Tiffany Shaw 11.06.2008
Challenges in Quantifying Climate Model Bias, Dependence and Performance Reto Knutti 10.09.2008
Impact of systematic errors in the hydrographic data on the estimates of the ocean warming Viktor Gouretski 02.07.2008
Establishing Climate Data Records of Sea Surface Temperature Peter Minnett 27.05.2008
Estimating the probability of rare climate events Peter Challenor 04.06.2008
Observational assessment of the early 21st century Atlantic water warm anomaly over the Eurasian Basin of the Arctic Ocean. Igor Dmitrenko 10.06.2008
Western Europe is warming much faster than expected Geert Jan van Oldenborgh 09.07.2008
Uncertainties in aerosol absorption Clarke Weaver 17.06.2008
A multi-millennial reconstruction of the total solar irradiance from the carbon radioisotope production rate Eduardo Antunes Vieira 27.08.2008
Sun-Climate Connection: Sensitivity of the southern hemisphere climate to the presence of the southern hemisphere magnetic anomaly Ligia Alves da Silva 26.08.2008
The convective parameterization problem: an investigation Jun-Ichi Yano 05.11.2008
The transition to strong convection: observations and implications for modeling David Neelin 16.07.2008
Toward a unified theory of Quaternary climate dynamics Andrey Ganopolski 19.06.2008
Assessing model discrepancy using a multi-model ensemble Jonathan Rougier 10.09.2008
Monsoons as eddy-mediated regime transitions of the tropical overturning circulation 23.09.2008
Climate Extremes in Eastern Mediterranean - Flash Floods and Droughts Ioannis K. Tsanis 15.07.2008
Recent Findings on the Impact of Stratospheric Ozone Changes on Climate Judith Perlwitz 17.12.2008
Measurements of air-sea gas exchange in the coastal and open ocean Burkard Baschek 13.08.2008
Abrupt changes in summer Arctic sea ice extent Bruno Tremblay 04.11.2008
NICAM: Global cloud-resolving simulations, physics and numerical issues Masaki Satoh 17.09.2008
On the role of mean-flow shear and internal waves in geophysical turbulence generation Helmut Baumert 08.10.2008
Impacts of suspended organic matter in the ocean on large-scale cycling of persistent organic compounds Irene Stemmler 21.01.2009
A model for sea ice mechanics Eckhard Kleine 11.11.2008
BSRN The surface radiation network Gerd Koenig-Langlo 12.09.2008
Reserviert UHH 17.02.2009
Big trouble with little clouds: How shallow convection leads to divergence climate responses. Brian Medeiros 22.10.2008
Oscillatory response of Atlantic overturning to high-latitude forcing Lars Czeschel 29.10.2008
Decadal patterns of the North Italian regional climate: peculiarities and common variability with other regional signals Davide Zanchettin 12.11.2008

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