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Toward form-function understanding of mesoscale structure in atmospheric convection Brian Mapes 24.10.2016 Marcus Klingebiel
Barbados Cloud Observatory: Weak Radar reflectivity signals below shallow cumulus clouds - Fact or artifact? Marcus Klingebiel 31.10.2016 Juan Pedro Mellado
IT - Best practices Sebastian Rast 07.11.2016 Monika Esch
HD(CP)2 Advancing Climate Prediction: Rapid Adjustments across scales Christine Nam 21.11.2016 Raphaela Vogel
Influence of deeper shallow convection on precipitation, cloudiness and trade-wind layer structure TBD 28.11.2016 Thorsten Mauritsen
Towards reconciling observational- and modeling-informed understanding of precipitation-induced tropical cold pools Paquita Zuidema 05.12.2016 Claudia Timmreck
Convective organization in the ICON NARVAL simulations Matthias Brück 12.12.2016 Ann Kristin Naumann
TBD TBD 09.01.2017 TBD
Tropical Convection, its Gravity Waves and Aggregation, in Spherical Limited Area Models Sebastian Müller 16.01.2017 Traute Crueger
Radar calibration, radar sensitivity and cloud cover, a work in progress Lutz Hirsch, Florian Ewald 23.01.2017 Lutz Hirsch
Controls of Tropical Latent Heating in MPI-ESM1.2 Traute Crüger 30.01.2017 Sebastian Müller
ICON special: Ongoing development and perspectives for global atmospheric ICON simulations Marco Giorgetta 06.02.2017 Sebastian Müller
Towards UA-ICON: a whole-atmospheric model for studying gravity waves from troposphere to thermosphere Guidi Zhou 13.02.2017 Juan Pedro Mellado
All hands meeting Bjorn Stevens 20.02.2017 None
Stratospheric circulation response to global warming Tobias Haufschild 27.02.2017 Lutz Hirsch
Rediscovering the doldrums in the tropical Atlantic through cloud resolving simulations Daniel Klocke 06.03.2017 Armin Haghshenas
Wind Shear Effects within the Stratocumulus Cloud-Top Bernhard Schulz 13.03.2017 Karsten Peters
Wind-shear effects on the convective boundary layer Armin Haghshenas 27.03.2017 Bernhard Schulz
Mesoscale aggregation of shallow cumulus convection Chris Bretherton 03.04.2017 Bjorn Stevens
Sensitivity of eddies to the vertical structure of baroclinicity Janni Yuval 10.04.2017 Marco Giorgetta

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