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TBD Johannes Lutzmann 25.04.2016 Hauke Schmidt
Atmospheric Convection and Waves on Aqua Planets Sebastian Müller 02.05.2016 Alberto de Lozar
Starting stratocumulus precipitation Alberto de Lozar 09.05.2016 Cathy Hohenegger
Radiative convective equilibrium simulations over a land surface Cathy Hohenegger 23.05.2016 Hauke Schulz
Observing the atmosphere in moisture space Hauke Schulz 30.05.2016 Katharina Meraner
Towards modeling climate effects of energetic particle precipitation Katharina Meraner 06.06.2016 Dagmar Fläschner
TBD Dagmar Fläschner 13.06.2016 Angela Cheska Siongco
Stratospheric controls on northern hemispheric storm tracks: A road map to a simplified model Tobias Haufschild 27.06.2016 Marco Giorgetta
TBD Angela Cheska Siongco 04.07.2016 Tobias Haufschild
Fast stratospheric ozone chemistry - Why and how? Hauke Schmidt 25.07.2016 Lutz Hirsch
No Seminar None 01.08.2016 None
Intensification of convective extremes by interaction of rain cells Christopher Moseley 08.08.2016 James Ruppert
MPI-M's Aerosol Climatology MACv2 Stefan Kinne 15.08.2016 Karsten Peters
Surface influence on squall line discrete propagation Karsten Peters 22.08.2016 Tobias Becker
Bulk Entrainment in ICON-HiRes with aggregated and unaggregated convection Tobias Becker 29.08.2016 Guido Cioni
IT special: Redmine - A Survey of ICON-AES Monika Esch 12.09.2016 Stephanie Fiedler
What determines the distribution of shallow convective mass flux through cloud base? Mirjana Sakradzija 19.09.2016 Christine Nam
Effects of soil moisture on diurnal convection and precipitation Guido Cioni 26.09.2016 Christopher Moseley
Diurnal Timescale Feedbacks in a mock-Walker Cell James Ruppert 10.10.2016 Gabriele Vissio
A direct derivation of a non-markovian stochastic parametrization for the Lorenz-96 model Gabriele Vissio 17.10.2016 Cathy Hohenegger

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