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MULTIPLY (airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar): update on the instrument development (room 301) Ilya Serikov 16.11.2015 Mirjana Sakradzija
No seminar None 23.11.2015 None
No Seminar None 30.11.2015 None
What shapes the probability distribution of shallow cumulus clouds? Mirjana Sakradzija 07.12.2015 Alberto de Lozar
Storm track in a high-resolution global atmospheric model Chihiro Kodama 14.12.2015 Raphaela Vogel
Near-surface effects of stratification above a free convective boundary layer (room 301) Juan Pedro Mellado 04.01.2016 Traute Crueger
The stratosphere during La Nina Elisa Manzini 11.01.2016 Karsten Peters
Influence of surface properties on squall line evolution Karsten Peters 18.01.2016 Stefan Kinne
Latent Heating Modes as derived from TRMM Precipitation Radar and modeled with ECHAM6.3 Traute Crüger 25.01.2016 Claudia Timmreck
How shallow convection in drier subsiding atmospheres supports deeper trade-wind layers and more precipitation TBD 01.02.2016 Juan Pedro Mellado
Studying individual convective clouds with high-resolution modeling Leif Denby 08.02.2016 Bart van Stratum
No Seminar None 15.02.2016 None
Towards a coordinated modeling assessment of the climate response to stratospheric aerosol (room 301) Claudia Timmreck 22.02.2016 James Ruppert
Balloon-based water vapour measurements around Barbados Johannes Kiliani 29.02.2016 Rieke Heinze
Overview of ICON-HiRes evaluation Rieke Heinze 07.03.2016 Jürgen Bader
no seminar None 14.03.2016 None
no seminar None 21.03.2016 None
no seminar None 04.04.2016 None
Lidar electronics David Hellmann 11.04.2016 Ann Kristin Naumann
How low-level radiative cooling can induce a circulation Ann Kristin Naumann 18.04.2016 Leif Denby

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