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Titel Sprecher Datum Chair
Updates to the MAC aerosol climatology for optical and microphysical properties Stefan Kinne 15.06.2015 Traute Crueger
ClimModelBias: A tool for Climate Model Evaluation Traute Crüger 22.06.2015 Ulrike Niemeier
AES department meeting Bjorn Stevens 29.06.2015 Angela Gruber
African monsoon rainfall in a warming climate Jong-Yeon Park 13.07.2015 Bart van Stratum
The influence of underresolved processes in low-resolution large-eddy simulation Bart van Stratum 20.07.2015 Cathy Hohenegger
Timescales of convective aggregation Cathy Hohenegger 27.07.2015 Katharina Meraner
Transport of nitrogen oxides through the winter mesopause Katharina Meraner 03.08.2015 Lutz Hirsch
Controls on the Atlantic ITCZ position Angela Cheska Siongco 10.08.2015 Dagmar Fläschner
The robustness of regional precipitation (change) studied via the Moist Static Energy Budget: Trials and Tribulations Dagmar Fläschner 17.08.2015 Chiel van Heerwaarden
TBD Lutz Hirsch 31.08.2015 Matthew Toohey
Making volcanic aerosol forcing “easy” Matthew Toohey 07.09.2015 Louise Nuijens
Growth and decay of a convective boundary layer over a surface with a constant temperature Chiel van Heerwaarden 14.09.2015 Ann Kristin Naumann
AES department meeting Bjorn Stevens 21.09.2015 Angela Gruber
Langhans and Romps (2015) The origin of water-vapor rings in tropical oceanic cold pools, Geophys. Res. Lett., accepted: Marco Giorgetta 28.09.2015 Jürgen Bader
Tropical VIBES Jürgen Bader 05.10.2015 Hauke Schmidt
Solar signals in the 100-member ensemble of historical simulations Hauke Schmidt 12.10.2015 Guido Cioni
Tropical cyclones…in the Mediterranean Sea? Guido Cioni 19.10.2015 Christopher Moseley
Convective organization on small scales Christopher Moseley 26.10.2015 Tobias Becker
Convective organization on large scales Tobias Becker 02.11.2015 Tobias Haufschild
Associations between stratospheric variability and tropospheric blocking Tobias Haufschild 09.11.2015 Ilya Serikov

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