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Wind-shear effects on the convective boundary layer Armin Haghshenas 27.03.2017 Bernhard Schulz
Wind-shear effects on specific humidity in a convective boundary layer - A zero-order model approach Moritz Hartmann 17.09.2018 Katherine Fodor
Wind-Shear and Sedimentation Effects on Radiatively and Evaporatively Driven Stratocumulus Tops Bernhard Schulz 07.05.2018 Cathy Hohenegger
Wind Shear Effects within the Stratocumulus Cloud-Top Bernhard Schulz 13.03.2017 Karsten Peters
Why might climate model cloud feedbacks differ from nature? Louise Nuijens 09.02.2015 Axel Seifert
What shapes the probability distribution of shallow cumulus clouds? Mirjana Sakradzija 07.12.2015 Alberto de Lozar
What happened to the stratosphere in February 2016? Hauke Schmidt 25.09.2017 Marcus Klingebiel
What determines the distribution of shallow convective mass flux through cloud base? Mirjana Sakradzija 19.09.2016 Christine Nam
Water vapor variability in the tropics from modeling and airborne lidar Ann Kristin Naumann 10.12.2018 Hauke Schulz
Water vapor gradient in the sub-cloud layer at Barbados Cloud Observatory Johannes Kiliani 25.06.2018 Nicolas Rochetin
View title Guido Cioni 11.06.2018 Katherine Fodor
Using the Stochastic Multicloud Model as part of an operational convection parameterisation in a comprehensive GCM Karsten Peters 01.06.2015 Sebastian Müller
Using remote sensors to characterize clouds in the trade wind regime Ocatve Tessiot 23.07.2018 Ulrike Niemeier
Urbanization and urban heat island: from regime transition of city-scale circulations to the rapid modification of urban land surface temperature during rainfall Hamid Omidvar 06.08.2018 Juan Pedro Mellado
Updates to the MAC aerosol climatology for optical and microphysical properties Stefan Kinne 15.06.2015 Traute Crueger
Understanding the vertical and horizontal structure of temperature in the tropics Jiawei Bao 16.09.2019 Claudia Stephan
Understanding the extreme range of climate sensitivities across the RCEMIP simulations Tobias Becker 28.10.2019 Andrea Schneidereit
Turbulence schemes and their influence on the boundary layer development in ICON-LEM Jan-Niklas Welss 24.09.2018 Moritz Hartmann
Tropical VIBES update Jürgen Bader 02.03.2015 Traute Crueger
Tropical VIBES Jürgen Bader 05.10.2015 Hauke Schmidt

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