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Simulating low-clouds using A Unified Higher Order Closure Cloud Scheme: some preliminary results and future plans Zhun Guo 04.09.2017 Katherine Fodor
Spectral cumulus parameterization based on cloud-resolving model Yuya Baba 23.10.2017 Marco Giorgetta
Numerical Investigation on the Interactions between Convection and Atmospheric Gravity Waves Yanmichel Morfa Avalos 06.01.2020 Henning Franke
High Definition Clouds and Precipitation - an overview of the HD(CP)² project Wiebke Schubotz 03.07.2017 Ann Kristin Naumann
Stratospheric sulfate impact on stratospheric dynamics - Consequences for transport and radiative forcing Ulrike Niemeier 12.06.2017 Katharina Meraner
TBD Ulrike Niemeier 30.07.2018 Ilya Serikov
Agung eruption 1963 - one or two eruptions, does it matter? Ulrike Niemeier 18.03.2019 Sally Dacie
ClimModelBias: A tool for Climate Model Evaluation Traute Crüger 22.06.2015 Ulrike Niemeier
Latent Heating Modes as derived from TRMM Precipitation Radar and modeled with ECHAM6.3 Traute Crüger 25.01.2016 Claudia Timmreck
Controls of Tropical Latent Heating in MPI-ESM1.2 Traute Crüger 30.01.2017 Sebastian Müller
On the hemispheric symmetry of the Earth‘s albedo in CERES and GCM data Traute Crüger 03.08.2020 TBD
Evaluation of ICON-A, the Atmosphere Component of the ICON Earth System Model Traute Crüger 11.02.2019 Katherine Fodor
Associations between stratospheric variability and tropospheric blocking Tobias Haufschild 09.11.2015 Ilya Serikov
Stratospheric controls on northern hemispheric storm tracks: A road map to a simplified model Tobias Haufschild 27.06.2016 Marco Giorgetta
Stratospheric circulation response to global warming Tobias Haufschild 27.02.2017 Lutz Hirsch
Stratospheric circulation response to global warming and its impact on surface climate Tobias Haufschild 27.11.2017 Marco Giorgetta
Controls of the coupled stratosphere-troposphere response to global warming in idealized models Tobias Haufschild 12.11.2018 Tobias Becker
Interaction of convection and large-scale circulation in ECHAM6-RCE Tobias Becker 20.04.2015 Juan Pedro Mellado
Convective organization on large scales Tobias Becker 02.11.2015 Tobias Haufschild
Bulk Entrainment in ICON-HiRes with aggregated and unaggregated convection Tobias Becker 29.08.2016 Guido Cioni

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