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Inertial oscillations in the neutral planetary boundary layer Cedrick Ansorge 16.10.2014 Chiel van Heerwaarden
Recent model developments at ECMWF guided by observations Irina Sandu 27.10.2014 Sebastian Schirber
AES department meeting Bjorn Stevens 26.01.2015 Bjorn Stevens
Paper discussion: Zappa et al. (2014), Linking Northern Hemisphere blocking and storm track biases in the CMIP5 climate models. 02.02.2015 Hauke Schmidt
Why might climate model cloud feedbacks differ from nature? Louise Nuijens 09.02.2015 Axel Seifert
No Seminar No Seminar 16.02.2015 TBD
TBD Alberto de Lozar 23.02.2015 Louise Nuijens
Tropical VIBES update Jürgen Bader 02.03.2015 Traute Crueger
Convection, RCE, and ICON Levi Silvers 09.03.2015 Jürgen Bader
The Longitudinal Position of the Atlantic ITCZ Cheska Siongco 16.03.2015 Alberto de Lozar
ESA's MULTIPLY project: the development of a European high spectral resolution lidar airborne facility Ilya Serikov 23.03.2015 Cheska Siongco
On the Tropical Atlantic SST bias effecting global precipitation changes Astrid Eichhorn 30.03.2015 Jürgen Bader
Super-Clausius-Clapeyron increase of extreme convective precipitation with temperature in LES simulations Christopher Moseley 13.04.2015 Marco Giorgetta
Interaction of convection and large-scale circulation in ECHAM6-RCE Tobias Becker 20.04.2015 Juan Pedro Mellado
The Role of Jet Stream in Global Atmospheric Circulation Gang Chen 27.04.2015 Elisa Manzini
The role of precipitation and organization in the response of trade-wind clouds to warming 04.05.2015 Tobias Becker
Tornadic supercells in landfalling tropical cyclones Sebastian Müller 11.05.2015 Elisa Manzini
Near-surface effects of tropospheric stratification in a free convective boundary layer Juan Pedro Mellado 18.05.2015 Raphaela Vogel
Using the Stochastic Multicloud Model as part of an operational convection parameterisation in a comprehensive GCM Karsten Peters 01.06.2015 Sebastian Müller
How many ensemble members are needed to identify the response to volcanic eruptions? Matthias Bittner 08.06.2015 Christopher Moseley

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