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  • EUCLIPSE European Union Cloud Intercomparison, Process Study & Evaluation Project (EU-Project).
  • ENSEMBLES Ensemble prediction system for climate change   (EU-Project, June 2005 - December 2008)
  • Simulation of artificial tree rings from GCM data - testing reconstruction techniques (Funded by DFG), (May 2011-April 2014)


Former Projects

  • CorClim (DEKLIM).  Coral climate history of the subtropical North Atlantic -  High resolution proxy records from Bermuda  (BMBF-Project,  June 2002 - May 2005)
  • PACLIVA - Patterns of Climate Variability (EU-Project).                                                                         
  • KIHZ  Klima in historischen Zeiten: Ice cores - what climate features do they represent? (BMBF-Project)
  • Climate Change and Sea Level - Climate Change and Sea level : Precipitation at the Dome of Greenland