Dr. Laura Suarez-Gutierrez


I am a postdoctoral researcher studying heat extremes and their variability at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. Currently I focus on understanding the variability of European heat extremes on sub- to multidecadal timescales within the ClimXtreme project. Other research interests include studying the likelihood and impacts of low-probability heat extremes under warming, and developing more insightful and effective research frameworks by exploiting the strengths of single model initial-condition large ensembles (SMILEs).

I completed my PhD, entitled Internal variability in summertime heat extremes under global warming, in June 2019
at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology under the supervision of Wolfgang Müller and Jochem Marotzke

PostDoctoral Researcher

Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
Ozean im Erdsystem

ORCID: 0000-0002-0008-5943


laura.suarez@we dont want spammpimet.mpg.de

Bundesstr. 53, 20146 Hamburg - Germany

Raum 216