Joint Seminar: Air‐Sea Interactions and Water Mass Transformation During a Katabatic Storm in the Irminger Sea

Katabatic storms, "piteraq" in Greenlandic, are freezing, density-driven winds that originate from the Greenland Ice Sheet and can reach hurricane force when blowing from coastal fjords onto the Irminger Sea. These dangerous storms cause severe destruction and are a hazard to the local population and environment. When the katabatic flow converges in the narrow fjords, it accelerates and is further enhanced by a superimposed pressure gradient from a synoptic low east of Greenland and by breaking mountain waves. Until recently, not much was known about their dynamics, as they easily destroy weather stations and flight measurements are impossible.  Therefore, regional atmospheric models have been used to study them so far. Due to their small spatial extent, katabatic storms have not been resolved in global climate models, and the question arises what effects they have on the ocean. This talk will present the development of a katabatic storm in ICON Sapphire ESM with a horizontal resolution of 5 km and its effects on the ocean, which have not been described before.




15:15 Uhr


Bundesstr. 53, room 022/023
Seminar Room 022/023, Ground Floor, Bundesstrasse 53, 20146 Hamburg, Hamburg


Oliver Gutjahr


Swantje Bastin

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