Joint Seminar: Discovering the trades with JOANNE

JOANNE is the dropsondes dataset from EUREC4A. In the seminar, I will provide context for these reticent acronyms by (a) explaining the objectives and sampling strategy of the EUREC4A field campaign and (b) explaining why the dropsondes dataset is called JOANNE and what it entails. JOANNE is a rich repository of dropsonde measurements characterizing the atmospheric thermodynamics and kinematics of the wintertime trades. After a brief introduction to dropsondes, focus will shift to measurements of mesoscale, area-averaged kinematic quantities (such as horizontal mass divergence), which form JOANNE’s most synergistic product. Furthermore, I will provide a quick walkthrough to demonstrate how easy and accessible working with the data is, and then end with glimpses from some exciting investigations that JOANNE has contributed to.




15:15 Uhr


Virtual Seminar


Geet George


Diego Jiménez-de-la-Cuesta Otero

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