Joint Seminar: New sea ice dynamics in ICON achievements and perspectives

Sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans plays an important role in the exchange of heat and freshwater between the atmosphere and the ocean, and thus in climate in general. Climate models must describe the dynamics of sea ice on large scales and couple them with general ocean circulation models. The topic of this talk is the performance of the new sea ice dynamics in ICON.

In the first part of the talk we discuss the numerical realization of the new sea ice dynamics in ICON. The challenge in discretizing sea ice dynamics is to reproduce the physical properties as well as possible while achieving external coupling with the ocean in a natural way. In the second part, we compare the performance of the new sea ice dynamics with the old one. As a first application we explore the role of sea ice dynamics in an aqua-ice planetary setup.  The talk ends with an outlook on the development of a new hybrid sea ice model that addresses the shortcomings of currently used sea ice models.




15:15 Uhr


Virtual Seminar


Carolin Mehlmann, MPI-M


Diego Jiménez-de-la-Cuesta Otero

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