Tech Talks: JupyterHub

Jupyter Notebooks have become increasingly popular among different fields of science.  A Jupyter Notebook provides a flexible and user-friendly interface to perform interactive (super) computing and also enables reproducible science.  This includes live code, equations and visualizations. It supports several languages like Python (IPython), Julia, R etc.

At the DKRZ, we provide different solutions to launch notebooks on our Supercomputer Mistral: ssh scripts or centralized services. In this first talk we are going to introduce the Jupyterhub service at the DKRZ, more precisely the newly deployed release. Jupyterhub is a multi-user server that allows spawning single-user notebook servers via a web browser. We will cover the following items:

- access and log in to the service
- launch Jupyter notebooks
- switch/enable kernels and interfaces
- and more

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15:15–16:15 Uhr


Virtual Seminar


Sofiane Bendoukha


Florian Ziemen

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