Joint Seminar: The scientific basis for common model infrastructure

Multi-model ensembles have become an essential tool in the construction of both consensus and uncertainty estimates in climate projections. National and international assessments such as the IPCC reports now routinely rely on such ensembles -- where many modeling centers run experiments following a common protocol -- for projections of climate change and variability. These projects also advance climate science by allowing modeling groups to share understanding by contrasting results arising from differing representations of key climate processes. The 2012 NRC report entitled "A National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modeling" highlighted the role of the common infrastructure underpinning the science. The talk will outline current practice and future prospects for common infrastructure in the construction of Earth system models and multi-model ensembles.




14:30 Uhr


Bundesstr. 53, room 101/102
Seminar Room 101/102, 1st floor, Bundesstr. 53, 20146 Hamburg, Hamburg


Venkatramani Balaji, NOAA/GFDL and Princeton University


Reinhard Budich

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