Joint Seminar: The Stratospheric Ozone Layer in a Changing Climate

Björn-Martin Sinnhuber
Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen

The evolution of the stratospheric ozone layer during
this century will be controlled to a large extent by
the future increases of greenhouse gas concentrations.
At the same time, there is now growing evidence that
changes in the stratosphere can affect surface
weather and climate. After a general introduction this
talk will focus on two areas of current research: (1)
What are the factors that control the inter-annual
variability of polar stratospheric ozone? (2) What is
the role of natural short-lived ozone depleting substances
for stratospheric ozone trends and how may this be
affected by climate change?




13:30 Uhr


Bundesstr. 53, room 022/023
Seminar Room 022/023, Ground Floor, Bundesstrasse 53, 20146 Hamburg, Hamburg


Bjoern-Martin Sinnhuber, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


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