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Titel Sprecher Datum Chair Dateien
The Greenland Sea since the 1990s 09.05.2007
Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM) 1st Research Announcement: AMSR2 on GCOM-W1 Algorithm, Validation, and Application 18.03.2008
Monsoons as eddy-mediated regime transitions of the tropical overturning circulation 23.09.2008
Reserviert UHH 17.02.2009
Multiple scales analyses for atmospheric flow 28.01.2009
Fortbildungsveranstaltung der MPG 23.05.2012 Andreas Chlond
Booked 28.02.2012 Thorsten Mauritsen
Growth of cloud droplets and raindrops in turbulent clouds 05.06.2012 Bjorn Stevens
Decadal climate predictions for the North Atlantic/European region 15.10.2013
Towards global large eddy simulation: super-parameterization revisited 02.12.2015 Bjorn Stevens
Closed Event (Workshop) 10.–11.02.2020 Ute Kreis
IMPRS Alumni Day 11.12.2019 Antje Weitz
Closed Event (work shop) 24.–26.02.2020 Detlef Stammer
t.b.a. (27.5.2020) 27.05.2020 Florian Ziemen
Closed Event 02.–04.09.2020 Detlef Stammer
Reserved Block 09.–11.11.2020 Ulrike Kirchner
Writing Workshop 22.–26.03.2021 Jochem Marotzke
Debugging with DDT 16.03.2021 Florian Ziemen
MPI Board 09.11.2021
Workshop Victor Brovkin 16.11.2021
MPI funding foundation 23.11.2021
Disputation 14.12.–24.11.2021
Election of the MPI-M Works Council 15.03.2022 Reinhard Budich
Q&A Session in preparation of the Election of the MPI-M Works Council (Mar 15 2022) 26.01.2022 Reinhard Budich
Max Planck Foundation 17.05.2022
Wissenschaft. Macht. Politik. – Klimadiskurs und Gesellschaft (auf Deutsch) 24.03.2022 Jochem Marotzke
CLICCS Meeting 10.05.2022
CLICCS-Vorstandssitzungen 07.06.2022
CLICCS-Vorstandssitzungen 05.07.2022
Internal MPS Library Meeting 28.–29.09.2022 Carola Kauhs
Visit of new MPG President 24.08.2022
Oceanography and Geophysics Orientation 17.–21.10.2022
Use of simulated CloudSat/CALIPSO data to evaluate numerical models A. Bodas-Salcedo 18.06.2008
Intake - Taking the pain out of data access Aaron Spring 29.09.2020 Florian Ziemen
Arctic sea ice melt season length in the CESM Large Ensemble Abigail Ahlert 17.10.2018 Dirk Notz
The High-Latitude Southern Ocean: An Ongoing Challenge for Climate Models Achim Stoessel 23.07.2013
Inertia–gravity waves generated by near balanced flow in 2-layer shallow water turbulence on the β-plane Achim Wirth 29.09.2016 Carsten Eden
Seasonal predictability of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation Adam Scaife 18.04.2019 Johanna Baehr
Dynamics of intraseasonal oscillations Adam Sobel 30.06.2010
A fresh look at the biological pump in the oligotrophic ocean Aike Beckmann 19.02.2008
Sceptical climate science Aiko Voigt, Florian Rauser 22.05.2012 Armin Köhl
Regional projections of twenty-first century sea-level change. Aimée Slangen 09.02.2012 Detlef Stammer
Dependence of the AMOC stability on the background climate Aixue Hu 26.07.2016 Chao Li
PhD Defense Akio Hansen 23.09.2020 Felix Ament
Dynamical Climate Perturbations and the Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem Alan Plumb 29.10.2015 Jochem Marotzke
Laboratory investigation of the interaction of inertial droplets with homogeneous isotropic turbulence and its effects on droplet collision-coalescence Alberto Aliseda 07.08.2012 Juan Pedro Mellado
Direct Numerical Simulations of the stratocumulus cloud-top Alberto de Lozar 11.09.2012 Thorsten Mauritsen
The power of the small: The emergent role of submesoscale turbulence in shaping ocean circulation and climate Alberto Naveira Garabato 31.01.2019 Jochem Marotzke
Lagrangian transport in turbulent flows Alessandra S. Lanotte 06.02.2013 Juan Pedro Mellado