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Titel Sprecher Datum Chair Dateien
Reconstructing post-glacial variations in the Asian monsoon and their impacts on continental environments Peter Clift 06.10.2010
El Nino: Two types spark new discussion Hans Graf 21.09.2010
Land surface--atmosphere interactions in an idealized cloud-resolving model Linda Schlemmer 09.09.2010
Evaluation of Clouds in a Large-Scale High-Resolution Simulation using CloudSat Observations Tom Greenwald 12.10.2010
Towards fully predictive large-eddy simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer Georgios Matheou, Bjorn Stevens 19.10.2010
Aqua-Planet Experiment (APE): Comparison of Atmospheric GCM Simulations on a Water-Covered Earth David L. Williamson 27.10.2010
A Global Observatory for the Carbon Cycle in the Earth System Martin Heimann 25.11.2010
Climate Change: Unknown Unknowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown Knowns Hans Joachim Schellnhuber 27.01.2011
Nonhydrostatic procesess in the Strait of Gibraltar: Impact on the exchange transport and hydraulic cirticality of the flow. Jose C. Sanchez-Garrido 08.12.2010
Ökosystemmodelle aus empirischer und theoretischer Perspektive Michael Hauhs 11.01.2011
Physical Processes at the Edge between Atmosphere and Space Franz-Josef Lübken 16.12.2010
Improvement and verification of thin ice thickness retrieval within the Laptev Sea Polynya Susanne Adams 18.01.2011
Confronting climate models with observations Thomas Jung 02.03.2011
Structure and variability of the abyssal water masses of the Ionian Sea in the period 2009-2010: their links with the Adriatic and Aegean Sea Manuel Bensi 25.01.2011
The new Radiation module in ECHAM6 Bjorn Stevens 08.02.2011
A new aerosol climatology for global models Stefan Kinne 01.02.2011
On the tuning of the ECHAM 6.0's radiation balance Thorsten Mauritsen 15.02.2011
Multivariate emulation for North American mid-Holocene reconstructions Jonathan Rougier 16.03.2011
Methyl iodide production in the open ocean Irene Stemmler 26.03.2013
Understanding Sea-Level Rise John Church 06.06.2013
DIMES Finestructure: Spatial and temporal variability of near-inertial internal waves and mixing in the Southern Ocean James Girton 03.07.2013
On the dynamics of fluid-mud Jochen Kaempf 17.07.2013
Water masses and tracers as tools to monitor climate change. Matthias Tomczak 27.08.2013
The High-Latitude Southern Ocean: An Ongoing Challenge for Climate Models Achim Stoessel 23.07.2013
Scale interactions in ECHAM6/T255L95 Jin-Song von Storch 22.10.2013
Decadal climate predictions for the North Atlantic/European region 15.10.2013
CO2-induced Sahel greening in CMIP5 Earth System Models Sebastian Bathiany 26.11.2013
The role of thermokarst for Arctic permafrost and soil carbon dynamics Guido Grosse 29.01.2014
Hydrological sensitivity in radiative-convective equilibrium and CMIP5 models Dagmar Popke 20.05.2014
Uncertainty quantification and climate models Florian Rauser 15.04.2014
Science and Arts Reto Buser 04.03.2014
Sea level projections: why are uncertainties so large? Detlef Stammer 24.04.2014
Assessing the Future Sea Level Contributions of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Modelling Challenges and Potential Solutions Tony Payne 08.05.2014
Attribution of climate change to long-lived and short-lived forcers Philippe Ciais 26.06.2014
Climate Risk Management in the Anthropocene: From Basic Science to Decisionmaking (and Back) Klaus Keller 15.08.2014
Challenges for Climate Services Daniela Jacob 28.01.2021
Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity — EUREC4A! Bjorn Stevens 04.02.2021
MPI Board 09.11.2021
Workshop Victor Brovkin 16.11.2021
MPI funding foundation 23.11.2021
Disputation 14.12.–24.11.2021
Max Planck Foundation 17.05.2022
CLICCS Meeting 10.05.2022
CLICCS-Vorstandssitzungen 07.06.2022
CLICCS-Vorstandssitzungen 05.07.2022
Visit of new MPG President 24.08.2022
The Jormungand Global Climate State and Implications for Snowball Earth Dorian Schuyler Abbot 23.03.2011 Aiko Voigt
Stabilizing instability: Introduction to a (different) history of general circulation modeling Christoph Rosol 12.09.2012 Aiko Voigt
Slinging in the rain Greg Bewley 12.12.2012 Alberto de Lozar
Meso- and submesoscale variability within the Peruvian upwelling regime Soeren Thomsen 22.03.2017 Alexa Griesel