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Titel Sprecher Datum Chair Dateien
Reconstructing post-glacial variations in the Asian monsoon and their impacts on continental environments Peter Clift 06.10.2010
Evaluation of Clouds in a Large-Scale High-Resolution Simulation using CloudSat Observations Tom Greenwald 12.10.2010
Land surface–precipitation interactions in the North American Monsoon: Observational and coupled surface-atmosphere modeling studies Steve Nesbitt 13.10.2010
Towards fully predictive large-eddy simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer Georgios Matheou, Bjorn Stevens 19.10.2010
Aqua-Planet Experiment (APE): Comparison of Atmospheric GCM Simulations on a Water-Covered Earth David L. Williamson 27.10.2010
Aviation Induced Cirrus in Observations and Models Ulrich Schumann 04.11.2010
A Global Observatory for the Carbon Cycle in the Earth System Martin Heimann 25.11.2010
Nonhydrostatic procesess in the Strait of Gibraltar: Impact on the exchange transport and hydraulic cirticality of the flow. Jose C. Sanchez-Garrido 08.12.2010
Physical Processes at the Edge between Atmosphere and Space Franz-Josef Lübken 16.12.2010
Ökosystemmodelle aus empirischer und theoretischer Perspektive Michael Hauhs 11.01.2011
Improvement and verification of thin ice thickness retrieval within the Laptev Sea Polynya Susanne Adams 18.01.2011
Structure and variability of the abyssal water masses of the Ionian Sea in the period 2009-2010: their links with the Adriatic and Aegean Sea Manuel Bensi 25.01.2011
Climate Change: Unknown Unknowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown Knowns Hans Joachim Schellnhuber 27.01.2011
A new aerosol climatology for global models Stefan Kinne 01.02.2011
The new Radiation module in ECHAM6 Bjorn Stevens 08.02.2011
On the tuning of the ECHAM 6.0's radiation balance Thorsten Mauritsen 15.02.2011
The Cloud-Climate Feedbacks Junior Research Group - greatest hits 2006 - 2011 Johannes Quaas 22.02.2011 Johannes Quaas
Observation-based salinity transports at 26N in the Atlantic Zoltan Szuts 01.03.2011 Zoltan Szuts
Confronting climate models with observations Thomas Jung 02.03.2011
Millennium simulations at MPI-M: Recent results and investigations in progress Davide Zanchettin 08.03.2011 Zoltan Szuts
Investigating boundary currents using an approach from dynamical systems theory and local grid refinement Peter Düben 15.03.2011 Zoltan Szuts
Multivariate emulation for North American mid-Holocene reconstructions Jonathan Rougier 16.03.2011
High-resolution modeling and spontaneous imbalance Jin-Song von Storch 22.03.2011 Zoltan Szuts
The Jormungand Global Climate State and Implications for Snowball Earth Dorian Schuyler Abbot 23.03.2011 Aiko Voigt
Multi-year prediction of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Daniela Matei 29.03.2011 Zoltan Szuts
Carbon cycle and terrestrial nitrogen dynamics Christian Reick 12.04.2011 Andreas Chlond
Counteracting effects of CO_2 fertilization and heterotrophic respiration on future land carbon uptake Victor Brovkin 19.04.2011 Andreas Chlond, Martin Claussen
Recent Advances in the Similarity Theory of the Stable Boundary Layer Zbigniew Sorbjan 20.04.2011 Thorsten Mauritsen
Surface flux estimates from space Alexander Löw 26.04.2011 Andreas Chlond
Exploiting multi-sensor remote sensing measurements: the Integrated Profiling Technique Ulrich Löhnert 27.04.2011 Felix Ament
Introduction of the new 5-layer soil hydrology scheme Stefan Hagemann 03.05.2011 Andreas Chlond
Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation: Towards a Coupled Land-Ocean System Marko Scholze 04.05.2011 Armin Köhl
A dynamically consistent closure for zonally averaged ocean models Nils Brüggemann 10.05.2011 Armin Köhl
Quantifying carbon processes of the terrestrial biosphere in a global atmospheric inversion Bakr Badawy 11.05.2011 Antje Weitz
Aerosols and cloud processes in the Tropics: Results from in-situ measurements within the tropical transition layer and the stratosphere above Stephan Borrmann 12.05.2011 Martin Claussen, Bjorn Stevens
Land-fast ice modelling using a dynamical model Einar Örn Ólason 17.05.2011 Armin Köhl
TEOS-10: a new international standard for the thermodynamic properties of water, ice, seawater and humid air Rainer Feistel 18.05.2011 Iris Ehlert
Satellite Remote Sensing and Model Evaluations at KNMI: Radiation, Clouds, and Precipitation Rob Roebeling and Jan Fokke Meirink 24.05.2011 Seethala Chellappan
Fernerkundung von Schmelztümpeln auf dem Arktischen Meereis mit MODIS Satellitendendaten Anja Rösel 24.05.2011 Armin Köhl
Eisdickenbestimmung von dünnem Meereis Manfred Brath 31.05.2011 Armin Köhl
Climate Change in Earth History Kay-Christian Emeis 07.06.2011 Christian Reick
Peat deposits as records of changing global atmospheric trace metal fluxes Dominik Weiss 08.06.2011 Bärbel Langmann
Climate Change and Security - From Conflict to Cooperation Jürgen Scheffran 08.06.2011 Christian Reick
Modeling Mediterranean Ocean Climate for the LGM and the Early Holocene Uwe Mikolajewicz 14.06.2011 Uwe Mikolajewicz
Multi-Centennial Climate Variability Controlled by Southern Ocean Deep Convection Torge Martin 15.06.2011 Johann Jungclaus
Projections of 21st century mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet: questions, challenges and first results with the Community Earth System Model Miren Vizcaino 22.06.2011 Uwe Mikolajewicz
The sensitivity of the Indian summer monsoon to a global warming of 2 °C with respect to pre-industrial times Wilhelm May 28.06.2011 Traute Crueger
From turbulence to ice sheets: a journey across time and space Marcus Jochum 13.07.2011 Carsten Eden
Challenges in Modelling Earth’s Past and Future Warm Greenhouse Climates Jeffrey T. Kiehl 14.07.2011 Bjorn Stevens
The global ocean circulation on both eddy-resolving and millennial scales Erik van Sebille 17.08.2011 Daniela Matei