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Titel Sprecher Datum Chair Dateien
From water molecules to climate : making sense of Greenland and Antarctic ice core records Valérie Masson-Delmotte 01.12.2016 Bjorn Stevens, Jochem Marotzke
A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for a 3D coastal circulation model Vadym Aizinger 10.12.2008
Modeling Mediterranean Ocean Climate for the LGM and the Early Holocene Uwe Mikolajewicz 14.06.2011 Uwe Mikolajewicz
Simulating the late glacial with a coupled atmosphere-ocean-ice sheet model Uwe Mikolajewicz 04.11.2014 Lorenzo Tomassini
Estimation of European CH4 and N2O emissions using a regional atmospheric inversion system Ute Karstens 17.04.2012 Andreas Chlond
Solar irradiance reduction via climate engineering -- Hydrological impact of different techniques Ulrike Niemeier 05.02.2013 Thorsten Mauritsen
What is the limit of climate engineering by stratospheric injection of SO2? Ulrike Niemeier 29.09.2015 Daniela Kracher
Aviation Induced Cirrus in Observations and Models Ulrich Schumann 04.11.2010
Exploiting multi-sensor remote sensing measurements: the Integrated Profiling Technique Ulrich Löhnert 27.04.2011 Felix Ament
Ocean acidification: knowns, unknows, and perspectives Ulf Riebesell 08.02.2012 Tatiana Ilyina
CANCELLED: State-dependent cloud feedbacks make equilibrium climate sensitivities > 5 °C plausible Trude Storelvmo 13.06.2019 Jochem Marotzke
State-dependent cloud feedbacks make equilibrium climate sensitivities > 5°C plausible Trude Storelvmo 05.12.2019 Bjorn Stevens
The mystery of the Madden-Julian-Oscillation in GCMs: The role of cloud radiative feedbacks Traute Crueger 24.11.2015 Gitta Lasslop
Seismic and acoustic waves in the whole Earth system Toshiro Tanimoto 29.06.2017 Celine Hadziioannou
Multi-Centennial Climate Variability Controlled by Southern Ocean Deep Convection Torge Martin 15.06.2011 Johann Jungclaus
Assessing the Future Sea Level Contributions of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Modelling Challenges and Potential Solutions Tony Payne 08.05.2014
Evaluation of Clouds in a Large-Scale High-Resolution Simulation using CloudSat Observations Tom Greenwald 12.10.2010
Physical Mechanisms of Convective Self-Aggregation in the Tropics Tom Beucler 30.07.2019 Bjorn Stevens
Dynamical simulation of wetland extent Tobias Stacke 15.11.2011 Andreas Chlond
Life time of soil moisture perturbations in a coupled land-atmosphere simulation Tobias Stacke 08.12.2015 Gitta Lasslop
Assimilation of top layer soil moisture into the MPI-ESM Tobias Stacke 09.05.2017 Guidi Zhou, Karsten Peters
Good Practices for Documenting Copyright and License Information in your Software Tobias Schlauch 23.08.2022 Reinhard Budich
Langmuir turbulence controls the ocean mixed layer depth Tobias Kukulka 17.12.2019 Marc Buckley
Long-range pollution transport to the Arctic and its role in modulating regional aerosol-cloud-climate interactions Timothy Garett 24.06.2009
(5 Reasons For) The Probabilistic Earth-System Model Tim Palmer 30.05.2013 Bjorn Stevens
Decadal Variations in the Seasonal Predictability of the NAO Tim Palmer 31.05.2017 Bjorn Stevens
Arctic temperature profiles and their sensitivity to climate change Tim Cronin 25.05.2016 Bjorn Stevens
The natural variability of vegetation cover, land carbon storage, and fire activity during the Holocene Tim Brücher 16.04.2013 Andreas Chlond
The UK Earth System Model: Developments for CMIP6 and beyond Till Kuhlbrodt 22.02.2017 Bjorn Stevens
Sensitivity of simulated climate due to nonconservation of momentum in gravity wave drag parameterization Tiffany Shaw 11.06.2008
East Asian monsoon in a warming world: forcing from GHG, Aerosol and natural variability Tianjun Zhou 01.10.2014 Johann Jungclaus
Detection and Attribution of Extreme Climate Changes in China Tianjun Zhou 08.08.2017 Bjorn Stevens
Extreme data challenges and solutions towards an Exascale weather forecasting system Tiago Quintino 01.10.2019 Reinhard Budich
On the tuning of the ECHAM 6.0's radiation balance Thorsten Mauritsen 15.02.2011
What if the Earth had an Adaptive Infrared Iris? Thorsten Mauritsen 19.02.2013 Thorsten Mauritsen
Development of ECHAM6.2/3 towards MPI-ESM1.1 Thorsten Mauritsen 20.08.2013 Thorsten Mauritsen
Tuning the climate sensitivity of a global model Thorsten Mauritsen 09.12.2014 Lorenzo Tomassini
Tuning the climate sensitivity of a global model to match the historical warming Thorsten Mauritsen 09.02.2016 Chao Li
The ocean eddy and convective cloud resolving coupled experiment, DYAMOND++ Thorsten Mauritsen 14.08.2018 Sebastian Sonntag
Investigating climate feedback through water vapor and cloud cover from GOME and SCIAMACHY satellite observations Thomas Wagner 14.06.2007
The Stratosphere as Driver of Atlantic Multidecadal Climate Variability Thomas Reichler 05.06.2013 Elisa Manzini
Established and Advanced Techniques for Visual Exploration of Climate Data Thomas Nocke 26.02.2008
Variability in oceanic oxygen and anthropogenic trends in the ocean: Ensemble simulations with the NCAR global coupled carbon cycle-climate model Thomas L. Frölicher 05.10.2009
Importance of ocean heat and carbon uptake for transient climate change Thomas L. Frölicher 08.06.2016 Chao Li
Modelling of CO2 uptake by peatlands during the Holocene and previous interglacials Thomas Kleinen 01.11.2011 Andreas Chlond
Carbon cycle dynamics during recent interglacials Thomas Kleinen 10.03.2015 Gitta Lasslop
Confronting climate models with observations Thomas Jung 02.03.2011
Why do tropical cyclones have eyes? Thomas Frisius 16.12.2009
Oceanic CO2 outgassing triggered by terrestrial organic matter fluxes during the last deglaciation Thomas Extier 04.05.2021 Diego Jiménez-de-la-Cuesta Otero
The changing width of Earth’s tropical belt Thomas Birner 12.01.2017 Stefan Bühler