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          Ocean in the Earth System

Research Group:

         Decadal Climate Prediction (MiKlip)



Current Projects


         Mittelfristige Klimaprognosen (Decadal Climate Predictions, BMBF-funded


         Decadal Climate Prediction Project (WCRP)

WCRP Grand Challenge:

         Near-term Climate Prediction






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Student Supervision

Ongoing PhD:

  • Laura Suarez-Gutierrez
  • Nele Neddermann (Supervisor: Johanna Baehr, IFM Uni Hamburg)
  • Leonard Borchart (Supervisor: Johanna Baehr, IFM Uni Hamburg)

Past PhD:

    Curriculum Vitae

    • since 2012 Research Group Leader of “Decadal Climate Prediction (MiKlip)" at Max-Planck Institute f. Meteorology, Department "The Ocean in the Earth System"
    • since 2009 Scientist, Max-Planck Institute f. Meteorology, Department "The Ocean in the Earth System"
    • 2005-2009 Scientist, Max-Planck Institute f. Meteorology, Department "The Atmosphere in the Earth System"
    • 2004         PostDoc, MeteoSwiss, Zürich
    • 2001-2004 PhD, ETH Zürich and MeteoSwiss, Zürich
    • 1993-2000 Study of Meteorology, University of Hamburg

    Past Projects


            National Center of Competences and Research in Climate (Swiss National Science Foundations)


            Development of a European Multimodel Ensemble System for Seasonal to Interannual Prediction (EU FP6)


            Ensembles-Based Predictions of Climate Changes and their Impact (EU FP7)


            Understanding the Dynamics of the Coupled Climate System (EU FP7)


            Intgerated Climate System Analysis and Prediction