poster session

All poster boards are numbered. Please put your poster according to this list. 

The poster are presented by the author printed in bold letters.


1.Stefan Kröpelin

        Observational evidence of a regreening Sahara—caused by Global Warming?


2.Elinor Martin and Chris Thorncroft

        Sahel Rainfall Decadal Variability in CMIP5 Models


3.Rachel Rose McCrary 

        African Easterly Wave Structure in the CMIP5 models


4.Gang Zhang and Kerry H. Cook

        Dynamics of the West African Monsoon Demise 


5.Traute Crueger and Bjorn Stevens

        Cloud-Radiation effects on the Madden-Julian Oscillation


6.Jong-Yeon Park,  Jürgen Bader, and Daniela Matei

        Northern-hemispheric differential warming key to understand future Sahel rainfall discrepancy


7.Peter Knippertz & the DACCIWA Team

        The DACCIWA project: Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa


8.Tanja Stanelle, Isabelle Bey, Christian Reick, Thomas Raddatz, Gabriela Sousa Santos, and Ina Tegen

        Importance of Anthropogenic Land Cover Change on natural aerosol burden in North Africa.


9.Peter Borchardt, Habtamu Assaye, Ben Jones, and Kirsty Shaw

        Arbopro - A Project to Protect Afromontane Tree Species Diversity of Ethiopia


10.Benjamin Sultan, K. Guam, Michela Biasutti, Claudio Piani, and David Lobell 

        Projections of Sorghum Yields Changes in West Africa


11.Guiling Wang, Kazi Ahmed, Miao Yu, Liangzhi You, and Jawoo Koo 

        Interactive land use and climate predictions over West Africa


12.Tim Brücher and Martin Claussen

        Climate and land use in Northern Africa


13.P. Michael Link, Jasmin S.A. Link, and Jürgen Scheffran 

        Climate change, land use, and conflict in Northern Africa


14.Nina v. Uexkull

        Climate variability and the local correlates of communal conflicts, Sub-Saharan Africa 1989-2008


15.Grace Ngaruiya and Juergen Scheffran

        Intricacies of resource conflict resolution under advancing climate change


16.Uche Okpara

        Embedding contextual vulnerability thinking onto climate change and conflict discourses: why does it matter?


17.Andrea Luca Balbo, Jaime Frigola, Arnald, Felix Retamero, Isabel Cacho, and Helena Kirchner

        Climate change, land use and conflict in Minorca between Al Andalus and the feudal conquest