how to get to Lübeck from Hamburg airport (via Hamburg main Station) and back

please find here (Initiates file downloaddownload pdf) the directions to the venue and how to purchase a ticket.

Arriving at Hamburg Airport

Arriving in Hamburg, Terminal 1 is the terminal for international arrivals and departures.

Coming out of customs, this is what you will see. 

Now turn left to get to the airport shuttle train which is one Branch of the public transport system’s “S-Bahn” Line 1. Watch out for this sign .

This is the view when turning left. On the right you can see a cash machine. This machine belongs to the Hamburger Sparkasse, the local savings bank, and will give you the same exchange rate as you would get drawing money in town, no additional airport charges. 

Having turned left, follow the path along the Airport building until you get to a set of glass doors. 

Beyond the doors turn right and go down one level to get your train ticket to LUEBECK unless you have already got one via the travel agents or the internet. 

You will see a church with a street passing in front of it.

Turn left into that street and go straight on. 

The ticket machines are to your left. 

Please have a closer look here, which ticket to buy and how.

For detailed information on how to purchase a ticket go further down this document.

For detailed information on how to purchase a ticket in the internet via the “Deutsche Bahn” website go down. 

The stairs/escalators down to the train platform are to your right. 

The train will be standing on your right as you get down the escalator. It will say: “S1 Wedel” or “S1 Blankenese”

The trainride to Hamburg “Hauptbahnhof” (Central Station) will take 24 minutes, that’s 10 stops. 

Arriving at Hauptbahnhof make your way into the main station building. Trains to Lübeck will in most cases go from platforms 5b, 6b or 7b. Platforms are devided into “a” and “b”. “b” means the train departs from inside the station building. The train journey will take between 42 and 45 minutes. 

Arriving in Lübeck go up the stairs, 

turn left and take the Exit “Steinrader Weg”. Going through the glass doors the path goes slightly to the right. 

You will see a church with a street passing in front of it.

Turn left into that street and go straight on 

until you see a pub with the name “St. Lorenz Klause” on your left. Turn left into Schützenhof here (part of the road is a footpath, there is little traffic) 

and follow it 

until you get to a crossroad. Now turn right into Wisbystraße. You can already see the hotel on the opposite side of the road. 

The hotel has several entrances. The entrance you need for check in is, however, a good 100m further along the road. (Event and Congress Carré). 

How to get back to the airport ?

To get back to the Hamburg airport take a train back to Hamburg. The S-Bahn to the airport departs from the main station. 

There are signs to the Airport shuttle but they are not always very easily visible. 

We hope this information helps to arrive save in Lübeck.

Take care and have a good trip!