how to get a ticket at the airport

please find here (Initiates file downloaddownload pdf) the directions to the venue and how to purchase a ticket.

How to purchase a ticket a the ticket machines?

Train tickets can be purchased on these machines.

These machines do not accept credit cards, but Maestro Cards and cash money (up to 20 € bank notes).

Getting a ticket at the airport

Select the required language first 

then select the bottom right option "DB-tickets Bahn-Tix, Rail&Fly".

Select the top right – “All offers” 

Next select “Individual tickets” on the top right 

Select “Enter destination” and 

start typing “LUEBECK” ...

until the machine suggests “Lübeck” (top left) and select this option. 

You will now be asked which route you would like to take:

  • Via Bad Oldesloe

  • Via Nahe, SE, Strukdorf

  • Via Büchen, Ratzeburg

    please select via Bad Oldesloe.

Select “Single ticket” and press “Pay”. The ticket will cost you 13.30 € (not 17.60€ as shown on the picture.

    You can pay cash, the machine will accept all coins except copper as well as bank notes up to 20 €, or with a Maestro Card. 

    The machines do not accept credit cards.