Tatiana Ilyina

My research interests lie primarily in the area of the ocean carbon cycle, its variability and predictability on decadal time-scales, as well as its impacts on Earth’s climate via the climate-carbon-cycle feedbacks.

    Together with research students and post-docs in my group, as well as with external collaborators, I address knowledge gaps in our understanding of the following research questions:

    • How does the ocean carbon sink responds to rapid climate change events?
    • What are predictability horisons for the natural carbon sinks and atmospheric CO2 growth?
    • What is the role of internal climate variability on the ocean carbon sink?
    • How meso-scale processes in the ocean impact the ocean carbon sink?
    • How did changes in ocean circulation shape the carbon cycle during ancient warmings and the last glacial cycle?
    • What are the impacts of artificial ocean alkalinity enhancement in the Earth system?


    I address these topics in the context of variability and changes in past, present, and future climates. My approach has been to address ocean biogeochemical cycles as an interactive component of the Earth system.


    For prospective MSc students: I might have an idea for a MSc thesis.


    I lead the Ocean Biogeochemistry group