Stephanie Fiedler

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I have an interest in atmospheric dynamics and aerosols in the Earth system. Motivated by the uncertainty in aerosol effects on climate, I am particularly interested in model simulations of meteorological processes that are important for aerosol-climate effects. Additional to performing climate model experiments, I do field work and use research vessels as an opportunistic platform for measuring dust-aerosol outbreaks from North Africa. The photographs give an impression of the ocean expeditions.

Desert-dust aerosols

I am interested in meteorological processes driving desert-dust aerosol emissions. Most of the Earth's dust aerosol is emitted in North Africa, but models show a large spread in emission amounts. I have developed benchmark climatologies for the relative importance of different dust-emitting processes in North Africa, such as the nocturnal low-level jet mechanism, mobile cyclones and the post-frontal strengthening of trade winds. Estimates of dust emission amounts associated with these processes have been helpful in evaluating weather and climate models at a process level. Find out more in my publications.

Anthropogenic aerosols

At MPI-M, I follow my interest in the atmospheric response to aerosol perturbations. I use models with a different complexity and observations to help advancing our understanding of the role of aerosol in the Earth system. I am developing the parameterisation Initiates file downloadMACv2.0-SP for optical properties of anthropogenic aerosol as a contribution to the “Radiative Forcing Model Inter-comparison Project” (RFMIP) under the umbrella of CMIP6. The code of MACv2-SP is available as supplement of our GMD article and input4MIPs. The future scenarios for MACv2-SP based on CMIP6 emission data are available in the supplement of our recent article. I am currently coordinating contributions to RFMIP-SpAer, using MACv2-SP. Feel free to contact me, if you would like to get involved in the coordinated RFMIP study on the aerosol radiative forcing with MACv2-SP.

Ocean expeditions

At MPI-M, I also work on research vessels to collect atmospheric reference data over oceans. Here, I focus on aerosol and innovative cloud observations. I have led an own expedition to the North Atlantic with RV Maria S. Merian and published our expedition results as book in the MPI-M series "Reports on Earth System Science". I wrote blogs on the research and life aboard RV Polarstern and during my expedition with RV Maria S. Merian, and participated in other outreach projects for inspiring the next generation of scientists.


My experience in university teaching includes supervising bachelor and master students, preparing and leading classes in climatology, tutorials in intermediate and advanced mathematics as well as assisting in practical classes on climate change and fundamental knowledge in meteorology.