Rohit Ghosh

 Postdoctoral Researcher in the Ocean Department of MPI-M.                     

My main research interests are on climate variability from seasonal to multi-decadal times scales and understanding large scale dynamical processes behind the climate variability. My previous research works are related to mid-latitude dynamics, tropical-extra tropical interactions, monsoon dynamics and air-sea interaction.

At present, I am working on understanding and distinguishing the Arctic influence from the lower latitudes on the Global and regional climate. This work is funded by the European project Blue Action and under supervision of Dr. Daniela Matei.

I am also working on understanding the changes in the North Atlantic meridional heat and fresh water transports with green house gas forcing in the large ensemble simulations of the MPI-ESM. This work is funded by the project AtlantOS and under supervision of Dr. Johann Jungclaus.