Selected Publications

In Preparation:

  • P. Korn, L. Linardakis, H. Haak, J. Jungclaus, V. Lapin, S. Lorenz, U. Mikolajewicz, D. Notz, J.-S. von Storch, J. Marotzke, ICON-O: The Ocean Component of the ICON Earth System Model


  • P. Korn, A Regularity-Aware Algorithm for Variational Data Assimilation of an Idealized Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model (J. Sci. Comput, to appear)
  • P. Korn, A Structure Preserving Discretization of Ocean Parametrizations on Unstructured Grids, Ocean Modelling 132 (2018), 73-90
  • P. Korn, L. Linardakis, A conservative  discretizations of the shallow-water equations on triangular grids, J. Comp. Phys. 375 (2018), 871-900
  • P. Korn, Formulation of an unstructured grid model for global ocean dynamics, J. Comp. Phys. 339 (2017), 525-552
  • J. Ackmann, J. Marotzke, P. Korn, Stochastic Goal-oriented Error Estimation with MemoryJ. Comp. Phys. 348 (2017), 195-219
  • P. Korn, S. Danilov, Elementary dispersion analysis of some mimetic discretizations on triangular C-grids, J. Comp. Phys. 330 (2017), 156-172
  • V. Aizinger, P. Korn, M. Giorgetta, S. Reich, Large-scale turbulence modelling via alpha- regularisation for atmospheric simulations, J. of Turbulence 16 (4) (2015), 367-391
  • F. Rauser, J. Marotzke, P. Korn, Ensemble-type numerical uncertainty quantification from single model integrations, Journal of Computational Physics 292 (2015), 30-42
  • P. Düben, P. Korn, Atmosphere & ocean modeling on grids of variable resolution - A 2D case study, Monthly Weather Review, 142 (2014), 1997-2017
  • A. Vlasenko, P. Korn, J. Riehme, U. Naumann, Estimation of Data Assimilation Error: A Shallow-Water Model Study, Monthly Weather Review 142 (2014), 2502-2520
  • P. Dueben, P. Korn, V. Aizinger, A Discontinuous/Continuous Low order finite element shallow water model on the sphere, J. Comp. Phys. 231 (2012), 2396-2413
  • P. Korn, On Degrees of Freedom of Certain Conservative Turbulence Models for the Navier-Stokes-Equations, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 378 (2011), 49-63