Dr. Lena R. Boysen

Email:lena.boysen@we dont want

Phone: +49-40-41173-293

Room no. Geomatikum 1720



Twitter: @l_boysen (all views are my own)


Mailing Address

Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

Bundesstr. 53

D-20146 Hamburg




Land in the Earth System (LES)



My research interests

My research interests cover a broad range of research on land cover and atmosphere interactions. Having studied meteorology, atmospheric research in general is very important to me.


My focus lies on the investigation of feedbacks between land surface process and climate and, in particular, how biogeophysical and biogeochemical land use and land cover change effects may alter future climate. For that purpose I analyze output of a range of Earth system models (e.g. CMIP5, CMIP6) and especially of the MPI-ESM. --> MPI-M Focus on 1.5°C target

Research group: Climate-Biosphere Interaction with project work for CRESCENDO and LUMIP.


Further, I work on the influence of forest mortality on the global forest carbon budget. Specifically, I am interested in how forest mortality might change under climate change, how this influences carbon dynamics (e.g. forests becoming carbon sources) and whether smart forest management could improve carbon uptake by forests.

Research group: Emmy Noether Independent Junior Research Group Forest management in the Earth System with project work for CE-LAND+.


During my PhD thesis I concentrated on the role of the terrestrial biosphere in mitigation scenarios: I investigated the potentials and side-effects of large-scale biomass plantations to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations using the LPJmL model for global vegetation. Since this involves drastic interferences with the land cover, it was catigorized as climate engineering on land (CE-LAND).