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Phone: +49 40 41173 207

Office: 430

Address: Bundesstr. 53, 20146 Hamburg, Germany


Research Group: Turbulent Mixing Processes in the Earth System



2015-2016 MSc Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics, University of Leeds

MSc Thesis: "A New Way To Describe The Madden-Julian Oscillation".

Supervisor: Dr. Juliane Schwendike

Considered the role of equatorial waves in the MJO and its relationship to the Matsuno-Gill model. Used ERA-Interim data and a method of partitioning the vertical motion and associated mass flux into zonal and meridional components in order to study the zonally- and meridionally-orientated circulation cells that comprise the MJO. The method lends itself to interpreting the MJO in terms of its effect on the Hadley and Walker circulations and thereby quantifying the impact of the MJO on the tropical general circulation.

2013-2014 Erasmus Year Abroad, University of Vienna

2011-2015 BSc Mathematics and Music (Int.), University of Leeds

Bachelor Project: "Computational Modelling of Nonlinear Dynamics".

Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Griffiths

Used analytical techniques from nonlinear dynamics (fixed-point analysis, bifurcation theory) to study the Lorenz equations (a reduced model of Rayleigh-Bénard convection) and numerical solutions to consider the limits of predictability in a chaotic system.