Research Interests

My main research interests relate to the general ocean circulation, to the ocean's influence on climate and to the understanding of processes and mechanisms in the climate system that lead to common patterns and their variability and, eventually, to climate predictability. This involves numerical modeling with both ocean GCMs and complex earth system models.


 MiKlip: Mittelfristige Klimaprognosen ('mid-term climate forecasts'), a national project funded by BMFT

 THOR: THermohaline Overturning - at Risk?, EU FP7 project

 COMBINE: Comprehensive Modelling of the Earth System for Better Climate Prediction and Projection, EU FP7 project

Curriculum vitae


 Institut für Meereskunde (IfM, now GEOMAR), Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, Germany, 2001

Ph.D. thesis

 Mechanismen meridionaler Transportprozesse im tropischen Atlantik (Mechanisms of meridional transport processes in the tropical Atlantic)


 IfM, Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, Germany, Diploma in Physical Oceanography, 1996


 Modelluntersuchungen zu Transportwegen südatlantischen Wassers in die Karibische See (Pathways of water masses of South Atlantic origin into the Caribbean Sea - a model study)