Teaching and Supervision

At the University of Hamburg and within the Opens external link in current windowIMPRS-ESM, I teach a graduate-levelcourse on Climate Dynamics (Opens external link in current windowS_36) during the summer semester. Within this course we develop simple climate models to address questions such as: What sets the global-mean surface temperature of Earth? How strongly and how fast does Earth's climate respond to an enhanced greenhouse effect? How can we understand the stability of the ocean circulation?


I also teach a graduate seminar, Generic Academic Skills, during the winter semester (Opens external link in current windowS_39). Through student presentations and group discussions, we learn about the writing of research papers and how to survive the peer-review process; we learn simple techniques of scientific writing as well as presentation and poster-making skills; and we discuss career strategies and the ethics of being a climate scientist.


Together with Dallas Murphy, a professional writer from New York City, I teach the workshop Advanced Scientific Writing(Opens external link in current windowS_41), as a week-long block course in February or March. In group discussions we analyse and improve a piece of scientific writing that each participant has to submit to the workshop. Our aim is to improve the clarity of our written work; because clear writing and clear thinking are inseparable, an essential prerequisite for participation is the existence of at least a draft of a research paper or thesis chapter.


I love working with doctoral students. Almost all of my students at MPI-M have attended the Opens external link in current windowIMPRS-ESM, which is my preferred recruitment vehicle. But please inquire if you are interested in joining my research group and find yourself outside the Opens external link in current windowIMPRS-ESM recruitment cycle.


Unfortunately, my time does not usually permit me to work with masters students or interns, because they tend to need more detailed supervision than I am able to provide. Please contact one of the group leaders in my department if you are interested in M.Sc. work or an internship.